Novelties in 2018.3.1: Elements of trackside infrastructure

Scenery editor in the upcoming version of Train Driver 2 will allow putting new infrastructure elements along the track. Examples are shown below:

  • dławiki torowe – impedance bonds
  • skrzynka licznika osi – axle counter box
  • skrzynka EON – audio frequency track circuit box
  • skrzynka EOR – electric switch heating box

Objects created by chudya and RBach (Trainz).


EDIT: Not only axle counter box, but also axle counter itself will be available in the upcoming version! Model created by chudya.

New model – NEWAG Impuls

NEWAG Impuls

Our developer @Q424 is working on a new model of the NEWAG Impuls vehicle for some time now.
Below you can see a few screenshots from the first stage of work.


36WEa Małopolskie

36WEa Koleje Śląskie

31WE Świętokrzyskie

31WE Małopolskie

31WE Koleje Dolnoślaskie