Novelties in 2019.1.2: Electro brake

Operations in the Oerlikon FVel6 valve with the Oerlikon EP2 tipping valve in EN57 type vechicle.
R position – releasing, N position – neutral, position B – braking.

Novelties in 2019.1.1: Devices in signal boxes

In the upcoming version of Train Driver 2 dispatchers will benefit from new or enhanced models of mechanical devices in signal boxes:

Nowe urządzenia w nastawni

Point and route levers have been modified, combiner and interlocking switch bench have been added. Block apparatus also changed its appearance:

Aparat blokowy

A novelty which will influence the gameplay is the point locking. For this purpose, facing point locks (FPLs), marked as Rg, will show up in signal boxes:

Dźwignie ryglowe