Terms and conditions, version 22.11.2021 r.

  1. Introduction
    1. In downloading the Simulator and launching multiuser mode, the User accepts the below Terms and conditions.
    2. Ignorance of these Terms do not release the User from compliance to the Terms.
    3. Definitions:
      1. Simulator Train Driver 2 (henceforth: Simulator) – the program available for download from the official Train Driver 2 forum (LINK).
      2. User – a person registered on the forum (the same login details are used for logging into the Simulator).
      3. Supporter – a User who has donated financially to the Simulator.
      4. Engine Driver – a User who has logged on to the Simulator in Engine Driver mode (a User responsible for driving a train).
      5. Train Dispatcher (also: Dispatcher) – a User who manages the train traffic in the Simulator on their launched stations.
      6. Administration – the group of Users who manage the project Train Driver 2, who also represent the OnRail Team Association in Gryfino.
  2. Engine Drivers and Train Dispatchers – rights and responsibilities
    1. Both Engine Drivers and Train Dispatchers are obliged to adhere to the rail regulatory laws that apply in the real world in their respective countries.
    2. Engine Drivers are obliged to follow the orders of the Train Dispatcher.
    3. Engine Drivers are not permitted to couple or uncouple cars attached to other Users’ trains, unless the owner or the Train Dispatcher give such permission.
    4. Engine Drivers are not allowed to change any manual points without express permission from the Train Dispatcher.
    5. The Engine Driver of a passenger train is not permitted to leave the station before the planned departure unless the Dispatcher at the next signal box in the timetable gives such permission. This only applies to goods stops, denoted “gs” in the timetable.
    6. The Dispatcher does not have the right to intentionally delay a scheduled train with a different train of any given category that is not scheduled to depart.
    7. The Dispatcher has to generate a timetable when requested by a driver, but with excluding following circumstances:
      1. there’s not enough stations to create a timetable,
      2. the station does not service this train type,
      3. the train doesn’t meet the requirements described in 2.12.
    8. The Dispatcher has the right to remove an Engine Driver from the terrain if they do not comply with the Terms.
    9. Train Dispatchers and Engine Drivers are obliged to comply with health and safety regulations, especially when moving on the rails.
    10. When logging in to a station, Engine Drivers are obliged to comply with rules of spawning and functioning of the station described in the document attached to the thread “Scenerie” under the section “Wasza Tworczość”.
    11. An Engine Driver holding a valid timetable and traversing a terrain in offline mode, is obliged to contact the Train Dispatcher of the next terrain to ask permission to enter it (in online mode) using /swrd <content> or the TS3 communicator.
    12. Driver is not allowed operate train that is:
      1. passenger train longer than 350 metres (excluding PWE/PWS/PWJ) or other train longer than 650 metres.
      2. heavier than the permitted weight for this type of locomotive pictured in this table
      3. not provided in simulator, but can cause problems with operating (eg. 10 locomotives in one train).
    13. Abuse of the asterisk audio signal or the train whistle is forbidden.
    14. The Train Dispatcher is not allowed to leave their post while they still have trains in their timetable. The timetable is available in the SWRD4 system. In exceptional cases, with permission from the Administration and the other Users, abandoning post is allowed, but only after additional provision i.e. getting a replacement for one’s shift.
    15. The Train Driver is not allowed to leave the game before the timetable has been completed or before the timetable has been deleted by the dispatcher.
    16. Strict acts of the Driver or the Dispatcher, which leads to catastrophe, are strictly prohibited.
    17. It is prohibited to work to the TrainDriver2 project disadvantage.
    18. Users are prohibited from exploiting simulator bugs.
  3. Chat – Radio
    1. It is forbidden to spam the Radio.
    2. It is forbidden to modify the default fonts (the Administration are exempt.
    3. The Radio in the Simulator offers selective call-outs and a RADIOSTOP function, which is used to stop all trains in the terrain. It is only to be used in cases of safety threats.
    4. Selective call-outs are used to summon Engine Drivers (ZEW 1) or Train Dispatchers (ZEW 3). Unjustified use or spamming will be punished.
    5. It is forbidden to publish racist, sexist or other content considered offensive, especially against other Users, the use of foul language (including censored versions) and personal data, addresses, advertisements or external links, especially reflinks. Furthermore, as on other internet communicators, Netiquette and curtesy apply.
  4. Train number (LINK)
    1. The train number may only consist of digits (apart from the letter R in front).
    2. The dispatcher, for his identifier, enters the telegraph abbreviation for the station on which they are active.
    3. An Engine Driver may only change their number at their starting station (before being given a timetable), their final station (after completing a timetable) or on explicit orders of a Dispatcher, unless the timetable terms state otherwise. The Engine Driver is obliged to inform the Train Dispatcher of this change.
    4. Drivers, in place of the identifier, should enter their train number, in line with current Polish railway regulations. The driver has freedom of choice in the service region of his rolling stock and the last digit of the number.
  5. Complaints and penalties
    1. Every User has the right to file a complaint against another User if they believe that said User seriously violates the Terms.
    2. The complaint can be filed through the notification system of the Simulator forum. The complaint must contain all information necessary for analysis and taking concrete action by the Administration, including the basis for the complaint, citing exact sections of the Terms.
    3. The Administration has the right to remind, warn or ban a User if they have violated the Terms, disobeyed the rail instructions in a serious manner or abused bugs and errors in the software, even if it was not obstructive to any other player.
    4. An event, having taken place more than 7 days earlier, is considered outdated and is no longer subject to complaint.
    5. Filing malicious, trivial or unsubstantiated complaints will be punished by the Administration (reminding through to banning the User).
    6. The accused is obliged to respond to the complaint within 48 hours of last logging in to the forum. Otherwise, they are considered guilty as charged.
    7. The member of the Administration considering the complaint has 14 days to complete the investigation. Otherwise, the complaint is considered cancelled.
    8. Complaints about incidents in on-line mode can be made only by active players in a given session. All players present in a given session automatically receive witness status. </ Li>
    9. On PL1 server user may recieve automatic warn for major violations of rail traffic rules (derailments, skipping STOP signals).
    10. Apart from members of the Team, only the prosecutor, the accused and designated witnesses may lodge a complaint. A deviation from this point is provided for in the case of a declaration by a person who has not been called for the complaint, and their response may significantly affect the course of the complaint.
  6. User terrains
    1. A User may create a custom terrain in editor mode and launch it as a Train Dispatcher, provided they do not violate the Terms.
    2. The terrains must adhere to the rail guidelines and instructions le-1 and le-4.
    3. Train Driver 2 simulates train travel in Poland (foreign terrains are admissible with permission from the Administration), therefore the terrains, fictitious and real, should reproduce the surroundings and nature of the given country.
    4. If the terrain is named after an existing station in Poland, the Administration reserve the right to remove it if it does not reproduce the station or place accurately in their judgement. This is to guarantee the highest standard of realism in the Simulator.
    5. The Administration receive the right to further distribute and modify a terrain once it is entered into the SWDR4 system to control train traffic and launched. (The author still retains the right to modify the terrain and decide who can dispatch there).
    6. A User may not launch a terrain in Dispatcher mode or modify it if the author has not expressed permission (the Administration are exempt).
    7. Only Polish terrains may be maintained on the PL1 and PL2 servers where the main language is Polish. On the DE server, the main language is German. The ENG server is for testing and all other terrains.
  7. Final remarks
    1. The Terms and conditions apply from 27.10.2020.
    2. The Administration reserves the right to change the Terms. The Users will be informed of any such changes after logging in to the forum.
    3. The Polish law is the governing law for resolving any disputes.

The Terms and conditions were compiled by the Administration of the Train Driver 2 Simulator. It is forbidden to copy or distribute the contents of the above Terms without written permission from the Administration of the Train Driver 2 Simulator.