Consolidated text, version of 12.05.2020

  1. General provisions:
    1. Using the TS3 server is free and means acceptance of these regulations.
    2. Ignorance of the regulations does not release from the need to comply with them.
    3. Definitions:
    4. User ranks:
      • Nieznany – default rank
      • Gość – user without a Train Driver 2 account
      • Normal, Supporter, Trener, Konstruktor, Developer, Moderator, Moderator Globalny, Administrator – equivalents of forum ranks
      • Administrator Kanału/Serwera – user responsible for the channel
      • BOT MUZYCZNY – bot playing sound files
      • DE – german-speaking user
      • CZ – czech-speaking user
      • EN – english-speaking user
  2. Channels:
      • Punkt Kontrolny – default starting channel
      • Oczekuję na pomoc – waiting for help from active administrators
      • Muzyka – playing sound files
      • Punkt AFK – away from keyboard
      • PACZKA CAŁOŚCIOWA – radio communication between dispatchers and drivers
      • (R1 – R8) POZOSTAŁE SCENERIE – radio communication between dispatchers and drivers
      • Nauka #1 – #3 – user training
      • Twórcze myśli #1 – #3 – scenery testing, work in editors
      • Luźne rozmowy #1 – #3 – conversations on other topics 
      • Prywata tymczasowa – creating temporary private channels – possible access limitation with password – instruction in description of the channel
  3. Users:
    1. User can participate in the simulation as a:
      • DISPATCHER – user is obliged to:
        • stay on the channel corresponding to the name of the station, that they’re dispatching (only stations from the overall package),
        • for other stations – channels R1-R8 (Add the name of the station or its shortcut right of your nickname).
      • DRIVER – is obliged to write (next to the nickname) his current train number.
    2. Users are recommended to use the voice communicator. The purpose of the TS3 server is to make communication easier.
    3. The basic communication system between the dispatchers is SWDR.
  4. It is prohibited to:
    1. Offend other users, behave in … way , spread offending, racist, sexist, vulgar or other content, that is contrary to polish law
    2. Impersonate other people,
    3. Work against Train Driver 2 simulator,
    4. Playing sound files *,
    5. Spam,
    6. Persistently change channels without a reason,
    7. Have a different nick then on TD2 forum (except the situation described in 3.1),
    8. Use programs changing user’s voice *,
    9. Use channels for purposes that they weren’t meant for,
    10. Recording communication on the server**.
  5. Administration:
    1. Administration has the right to warn a user (providing justification).
    2. Penalties imposed by the Administration depend on the degree of the offense committed (the imposing person is required to provide a reason for imposing a warning/penalty on the TS3 server).
    3. Possible penalties:
      • Tarcza DO (voice communication blockade),
      • Tarcza D1 (voice communication blockade and restriction to the traffic channels),
      • Ranga uziemiony (movement between channels blocked),
      • Ban krótkoterminowy (ban up to 24h),
      • Ban (period: 2-31 daysi, permanent) with an entry in the personal files.
    4. In case of serious violation of the rules (forum / simulator), a ban from the forum results in ban on TS3.
    5. The Administration settles disputes impartially.
    6. The Administration reserves the right to move a user to another channel without justification.
    7. The Administration reserves the right to edit users’ avatars and descriptions.
    8. The Administration reserves the right to impose warning or account blockade if it’s action on server violates provisions of these rules.
    9. User has the right to appeal from the penalty, if he thinks that it has been imposed unfairly (providing the imposing person’s nickname). It can be done by writing an email to:
    10. The Administration settles appeals and complaints within 14 days (lack of a response means a rejection of the appeal).
    11. The Administration reserves the right to reject an appeal without providing a reason.

 * Not applicable to private channels and the “Muzyka” channel

** Not applicable to channels “Live #1” and “Live #2”

It is forbidden to copy and share the text of this rules without a written permission of Train Driver 2 Simulator’s Administration.