1. Definitions
    1. Forum – a collection of websites under the address: https://td2.info.pl, giving an IT system that enables Users to publish and exchange information, especially connected to the Train Driver 2 Simulator.
    2. User – an internet user who publishes under a chosen user name upon registration.
  2. General statements
    1. Registration of a User account on the forum is equivalent to accepting and committing to compliance to the forum rules.
    2. Anyone can register a User account on the forum.
  3. User rights and obligations
    1. Users have the right to:
      1. Demand deletion of their User account (see Privacy Policy).
      2. Create and publish new discussion topics, provided they are under the correct sections and written intelligibly.
      3. Express their opinions with regards the compliance of others’ statements to the rules through the “report post” button.
    2. Users are forbidden from:
      1. Publishing racist, sexist and other content, commonly seen as offensive, especially towards other Users and publishing swear words (also in censored form) and personal information, addresses, adverts etc.
      2. Placing links to external websites in posts, especially reflinks.
      3. Publishing pictures hosted by any other service than https://img.td2.info.pl or attaching files in any other way than post attachment, or publishing images without the copyright owner’s permission.
      4. Doubling discussion topics by not using the provided search of existing topics and using thread titles unrelated to the discussion topic.
        1. Create threads / topics that do not bring any substantive value on all utility platforms.
        2. Publish content that does not add anything to the topic of the conversation on all utility platforms, posts that do not correspond to the discussion thread, in particular short comments and that contain excessive text formatting and emoticons.
      5. Deletion and editing of content that was answered or cited and editing moderator or administration additions.
      6. Holding more than one account connected to one physical person and disclosing login details to third parties.
      7. Creating User accounts using disposable e-mail address generation services.
      8. Using reserved font colours in published content:
        1. Red – for administrators
        2. Blue – for global moderators
        3. Green – for developers
        4. Turquoise – for community managers
        5. Light green – for section moderators
      9. Using graphics larger than 300x50px in signatures.
      10. It is prohibited to work to the TrainDriver2 project disadvantage.
  4. Forum administration
    1. The administration reserves the right to edit published content and warning or permanent blocking of a User account if their actions on the forum are not compliant with the stated rules.
  5. Final remarks
    1. These rules are effective immediately upon publishing i.e. 01.06.2021.
    2. The administration reserves the right to change the contents of the rules, informing all Users of any changes at least 7 days before publishing them.
    3. The governing law for resolving any disputes is the Polish law.